Welcome to Kingdom Thoughts.

Welcome to Kingdom Thoughts.

I have been writing off and on for most of my life, though it has changed greatly over the years. I started writing again about a year ago. Most of it I have not shared with anyone, just writing between me and God. However, recently I started sharing a few things I had written with some friends, and our pastor. It was their suggestions that I share some of the things I was writing about with more people, that prompted me to begin this blog.

Topics will range as far as my thoughts do, but will all generally relate to God, family, and how to get through life one day at a time. I write to organize my thoughts. Also, I find it a helpful way to clarify things in my own mind.

I do not claim to have all the answers, or that I do everything perfectly (just ask my wife and kids, they will tell you I do not.) I am just a man that loves Jesus, my family, and wants to try to put the pieces of broken lives together.

In the last 16+ years I have been through and seen a lot of things; met and married my beautiful wife; had 4 beautiful children, including a daughter with Down Syndrome; handed my daughter over at 5 months old for open heart surgery; moved across the country twice; renovated an 1700’s farm house, built a house on a mountaintop in Montana, and am currently again renovating an old farm house; was almost killed by alcoholism; was lifted into recovery and free of alcohol by a loving God; watched my dad die prematurely from medical issues; and seen my oldest son accept Jesus as his savior. These are just a few high and low lights of that time period

I have learned many lessons through these events, too many to list. My hope is that in seeing some of my life story, you might find some hope for yours or maybe one of your friends. Also, to point to Jesus, the Great Physician.

If you find something helpful, then whisper a “thank you” to God, it was from Him not me.

God Bless!



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